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An exhausting but exhilarating experience!

Broadland Wineries have developed a private label range of products designed for On-Trade and Off-Trade establishments in the UK, USA and European Markets. 


i101 Digital Ltd. were commissioned to photograph a range of individually designed labels for a bespoke range of award winning wines in the venues they were uniquely designed for.


We used a large quantity of props to style each bottle and were very careful to create the correct lighting that would expose the subtle design elements of each bottle. Some were embossed, some gold foiled, but each label had been individually designed for each venue and this was obviously a prominent feature BW wanted to capture.

One of the most difficult issues we had to overcome was transporting and the setting up of our equipment in each of the venues. Shooting tethered with our LED continuous lighting rig allowed us to be flexible but controllable. We managed to balance the ambient light with our system to capture the right presentation our client wanted for each bottle.

With a few additional post-production technique the client received abroad range of web and print compatible images they could use for a long period of time.

Below: Some of the product photography we captured in the various locations.

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