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  • Location Photography

  • Low-Light Photography

  • Digital Enhancement

  • Sheffield - UK

Sheffield Hallam University is a contemporary and fast-growing urban campus. They recently instructed a specialist contractor to design, supply and install a new and future-proofed audio and lighting system in two of their performing arts facilities. This was for use by the staff and students to progress their performance and technical education.


i101 Digital was commission to capture a range of images that could be used for marketing and PR. 


The principle contractor has previously had great difficulty capturing the colour and broad dynamics of their systems as performance LED lighting can be technically difficult to reproduce.

We used various techniques and equipment to capture a range of images in both venues that would overcome any previous limitations and give them a range of dynamic and high-impact images they required. On the day of the shoot the installations were so new the University still did not have security clearance to use any haze/smoke machines usually used to show the light beams. We overcame the problem by photographing in a technically different way, allowing us to achieve the final images in post-production. 

The client was extremely happy with the results, ....."in my opinion by far and away the best images of this kind of project we've had, many thanks" - Andrew D - Director

Below: A small range of images from the shoot on location.

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