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  • Norwich & London UK

Probably my favourite commission of last year!

OG Juice are simply an amazing new company with fresh ideas in retailing a range of healthy natural juice products.


They needed a large range of images to help launch their business, brand and products. We were commissioned to capture a range of product shots, pack-shots and lifestyle images both in the studio and on location. This led to several shoots being undertaken and a fantastic climax to the year.

As you can see from the images the brief was to create images that were light, bright and on-trend to be used on the companies website, blog, marketing literature, premises and livery. 


I have to be honest, with 5 gorgeous models to photograph you would imagine we have some fond memories? But the work that stayed with us the most is the 20 hour studio shoot, part of which included the bottles where the ingredients are layered one of top of each other to show the contents of the juice itself. (pic 7 bottles side-by-side).

You may think they ingredients look delicious, but the art-director and I finely chopped, dropped and manoeuvred each ingredient into each bottle using a chop stick, paper straw and a cocktail stick.......... it felt like torture at 2am. Each bottle then needing to be cleaned and dried for the next flavour - it was a marathon effort and something I won't forget in a hurry but we still beat the deadline and OG were extremely happy with the results which made everything worth the effort.

The Company has now been launched and has plans to expand. With it's London based retail outlets and online e-commerce they go from strength to strength and have enough imagery to progress them forward for the rest of the year.

Below: Some of the range of photography we captured in studio and on location.

Art Director : Nicolas Ruston

Brand & Design Agency: Robot Mascot

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