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Fabulous Florentina

Earlier this year we had the good fortune to photograph the beautiful Florentina in one of our studios at i101 Digital Ltd.

The brief was to capture a variety of images to best represent a range of commercial topics and styles for our website.

As you can see from the sample range of images above we captured a great range of concepts.

Images from left to right:


A concept image photographed using three colours of gel, a digitally enhanced image with additional graphics and a replacement background.


A fashion inspired image using there colours of gel and studio flash lighting, beauty dish and gridded back-lighting. A little skin retouching using a frequency separation technique and additional background editing to remove various light stands and unwanted shadows.


A simple one-light portrait captured Florentina as she sat and we set lighting. Some light editing, dodging and burning with added high-light and shadow tinting created this thought provoking portrait.

IMAGE 4 & 5

Before and after shots. Image 4 showing the actual capture and image 5 showing one of the completed edits. Standard editing, background replacement, shadow creation and lip colour change. This was design to demonstrate fast changing video capture for the retail market and you can view the finished video on our "Product Photography' page.


Concept designed for the video retail market to show a range of eye-wear for sale. Multiple images of different eye-wear edited into a fast-paced video showing and featuring a quantity of sun glasses. Being able to show a larger range of products, ideal for social media and online sales this format demonstrates the many benefits of video marketing. You can view the finished video on our "Product Photography' page.

We achieved some great results and it was a wonderful experience working with Florentina as always.

Florentina was a great model, you can find her on all the social media channels and on IG as @iamflorence_m


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