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Sean Goodman image for OMG Show

Updated: May 21, 2018

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Though a photo is captured in the split second the shutter is released, in some cases, this is when the photographer’s work is only just beginning. In today’s digital world, there’s a huge amount of potential for post production processes, with many of these processes allowing skilled photographers and designers to completely transform an image and give it a whole new meaning.

One such job came up recently when we were asked to create an image for the mind reading and dark magic show of Sean Goodman. By combining a carefully created photo with extensive digital manipulation, we were able to conjure up an image that was perfect for the magician and for the event. 

The Brief

Professional magician Sean Goodman wanted a new image for is OMG show at EPIC Studios. The brief was to create an image that was at once sinister and evocative and that would convey the idea of mind reading and dark magic.

The image 

To create the desired effect, we took a carefully lit portrait of Sean Goodman and then headed for the digital suite. Using careful editing processes, we transformed the photo into a sinister black and white portrait. Digitally manipulated pixels seem to fly from the subject’s mind, emphasising the power, control and dark powers of the magician.

The Result

Sean Goodman was very happy with the resulting image and it was successful used to promote the January show. The finished photo shows the dramatic results that can be achieved by combining photography with digital manipulation, and demonstrates the huge potential of the creative mind at work.

To find out more about digital manipulation and editing, to explore our portfolio or to learn about the services on offer, take a look around the brand new site today.


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