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Getting Your Business Image Right

Updated: May 21, 2018

Corporate photography jobs play an important part in the work we do. Giving us a great opportunity to meet local and national businesses, network with a range of professionals and stretch our creative muscles, we really enjoy the challenges that corporate jobs bring. 

We recently had the chance to work on a fantastic job for a large professional client. As they wanted a complete set of photos covering almost every aspect of business life, it was a great chance for us to help them create their corporate image and really up the quality and look of their website and their complete online presence. 

The Job 

We were asked by leading document management specialists Box-It to create images of their staff, their offices, their business owners and the daily running of the company itself. The photographs needed to be powerful and they needed to communicate the reliability, expertise and scale of the business. 

In order to ensure that Box-It were completely happy with the resulting images, we worked closely with them when coming up with a brief and taking the photos themselves. When shooting on site, we were careful to ensure we didn’t interrupt the daily running of the office and worked around staff to create an approach that suited everyone. 

The Results 

The MD of the company was exceptionally happy with the portraits of the staff, the offices and the business. The photos will be used across the company’s website, promotional materials and online presence, giving it an even more professional, contemporary and reliable appearance.

As well as giving Box-It a variety of high quality images to work with, this new set of photos gives potential customers a valuable insight into the business and the daily running of the company. 

If you think your business could benefit from a photo shoot, we can provide all the high quality images you need. Take a look at our portfolio today to see just what we’re capable of.


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